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Water Dispenser Bottle of the Present Invention

The present invention provides a water dispenser bottle comprising a generally parallelepipedal container body having a cylindrical neck portion and a central depression.

The Best Way to Set Up Your Water Cooler

A spacer element is provided between the two bottles in order to prevent relative lateral movement between the two bottles.

This will provide stability for the position of the bottles when they are stacked.

In another aspect of the invention, the top and bottom surfaces of the water dispenser bottle are interfitted with dimples that complement in shape the dimples on the bottom surface of the water dispenser bottle.

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These dimples are preferably rounded and concave. They are also designed to fit into the dimples on the screw-cap bearing end of the water dispenser bottle.

Further details are shown in sectional views of the figures.

For example, four protuberances on the top surface of the water dispenser bottle interfit with the protuberances on the screw-cap bearing end of one bottle.

Another water dispenser bottle is placed inside the first water dispenser bottle. Both of the bottles are then stacked on top of each other.

Stacking a water dispenser bottle is done by inserting the neck of one bottle into an opening in the other bottle.

When the second bottle is inserted into the hole, it is meant to be cap-sealed so that the contents of the first bottle can be poured into the second.

Once the second bottle is filled, it is meant to be cap-sealed and then mounted on a water cooler.

It is recommended that the screw-on cap of the first water dispenser bottle is removed from the water cooler before the first water dispenser bottle is inserted.

The spacer element comprises a rectangular sheet made of a stiff lightweight material. It is preferably a styrofoam. To facilitate stacking of the water dispenser bottle, the spacer element has a minimum thickness.

However, the thickness of the spacer element must be such that the dimples on the top and bottom surfaces of the spacer element engage the protuberances on the bottom surface of the water dispenser bottles.

The rounded corners of the top and bottom surfaces of the water dispenser bottles are designed to facilitate cleaning of the interior of the bottle.

In addition, the top and bottom portions of the bottle have concave dimples.

The spacer element has four protuberances, a central hole and a central depression. Each of the four protuberances is designed to fit into a dimple on the top and bottom surfaces of the water dispenser container.

The spacer element is also intended to be sandwiched between the two water dispenser bottles, in a vertical column. This will prevent relative lateral movement between the bottles.

The cylindrical collar of the water dispenser bottle is sealed by a screw-on cap. Depending on the size of the water cooler, the sized bottle may be a small, lightweight bottle or a large, heavy one.

Generally, the water dispenser bottle has a capacity of at least 2.5 to 3.5 gallons. An individual bottle weighs 21 pounds when filled.

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