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Quench Your Thirst With Thirsty Work Watercoolers

The need for fresh drinking water solutions is an ever-growing need all over the world.  You can comparison shop for your water cooler solutions and find the water cooler that suits your style and needs.  When you are considering adding a bottled fed or main fed water cooler to your home or office make sure you check out the Thirsty Work Watercoolers.  This is one of the most reliable manufacturers of water cooler solutions in the South West.  You can provide your office staff, guests, or family with quality drinking water that is healthy to drink from a stylish water cooler. 

What you get with Thirsty Work Watercoolers:

  • Supplies - Cups, water jugs, bottle racks for storage of extra bottles, environmentally safe bottles, in cup drinks (tea, coffee, or soup), and pure drinking water.  A nice range of water cooler styles to fit your needs.
  • Delivery - Pure drinking water and supplies delivered to your location free of charge.  Emergency deliveries also available.
  • Maintenance - Pick up of supplies, replacement parts and systems when needed.

Thirsty Work Watercoolers offers bottled water coolers in floor models or counter top models depending on the space you have to use.  You can choose to have just cold water or both cold and hot water.  Hot water can be used for instant coffee, soup, or tea packets also supplied by them.  If you currently have no water supply this is the perfect solution for you as all you need is the 13 amp wall socket and you will have a pure quality water supply.   Since your body is 75% water, it makes sense that it needs water to survive.  Water supplied from the tap is not pure and can contain harmful chemicals and toxins.  Utilizing the water cooler is the smart healthy solution for your home or office.

The main fed water coolers can be used with your existing water supply and offers the same great tasting pure quality drinking water solutions as the bottled fed water coolers.  These styles also offer counter top or floor models.  These include expert installation and a great cost effective pure water supply solution for locations where there is high traffic and more water is used.  Your water your choice.  Thirsty Work Watercoolers offer healthy drinking solutions for your home or office.




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