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The Wonderful World Of Glenpatrick Watercoolers

Water Coolers are not only a great way to get your clean fresh tasting water to drink, but are also a great place to chat with coworkers.  While it should not tak away from your job it is nice to have a water cooler to chat with others sometimes.  It can really bring an office team together and offer some brainstorming outside of the conference room.  The water cooler is a free place to brainstorm and chat a bit without pressure and stress.  Glenpatrick Watercoolers offer EMAX and FMAX water coolers for your office.  Whichever elegant style you choose you will always have fresh clean water to offer your office staff and guests. 

The environment of today is not as it should be and the need for fresh clean water is in higher demand today than it has been in the past.  You can add one of these Glenpatrick Watercoolers to your home or office and get that good clean water to drink everyday.  There is nothing more refreshing than a clean drink of water.  Bottled water coolers are easy to install, offer premium drinking water solutions, and positive health benefits.  Other brands cannot offer you what Glenpatrick can.  What can the Glenpatrick brand offer you?  Free delivery and maintenance to any location, premium, fresh natural mineral water from a trusted private label brand, a handy cup dispenser attached to the water cooler, and great high quality water cooler machines for any use you may need.

Glenpatrick Watercoolers Bottled Water Coolers Range

The EMAX- This is a very stylish clean water solution that is the best selling water cooler machine in Europe.  The EMAX is reliable, uses proven water cooler technology-Ebac Patented WaterTrail, offers hot and cold capabilities, has wheels for easy moving, uses press buttons no tap, includes twin cup holder for more cup storage, and a stainless steel hot tank.

The FMAX- This water cooler has a slimmer modern look than the EMAX and offers the same options as the EMAX except the nozzle is clear.  Both models store cups upside down to keep them from getting contaminated.

Either one of these Glenpatrick Watercoolers will fill your needs for fresh mineral drinking water solutions. The choice in model is up to you in fitting your office and your personal style. Allow the Glenpatrick brand water cooler to serve your company's needs.  You can also choose from Mains fed water cooler system for your existing water supply.  The choice is yours.



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