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What Types Of Water Coolers Are There On The Market Today?

Many businesses will install a water cooler within their company in order to give themselves and their employees a quicker way to get cold fresh water without having to get out the ice cube trays or waiting on ice cubes to freeze. They also get them so that they can have hot coffee, tea, or cocoa without having to make a pot of waiting for some water to boil. Water Coolers come in very handy for many businesses around the world and once they have them, they don't know what they ever did without them.

There are basically two types of Water Coolers and many different styles and designs. The first type is the bottle-less water cooler which is connected to the main water source of the building but goes through a filtration process in order to make sure that the water is fresh and clean to drink. It will dispense out hot and cold water just like the bottled water coolers do. You can either get this type in the floor model which is the type that most businesses use or you could get the counter-top model which you will usually see in a lot of homes.

The other type of Water Coolers that you see a lot are the bottled water coolers. These are the types that are portable and can be moved from place to place due to the fact that they do not rely on any source for water besides that bottle that sits on top of them. There are many advantages to these types of coolers but there are disadvantages as well. The main one is the constant lugging of heavy water bottles. If you have a company that has many people, you have to have a good place to store all of the water bottles that will be used.

Many businesses like these types of Water Coolers because they are portable. If they are having some sort of function outside of the office, they are able to take this type of water cooler with them. If they are in a temporary set up and plan on moving their business shortly, this type of water cooler would be perfect for them to use. There are these types of water coolers that will give you the option of being able to hook a line up to a more permanent source of water. This versatility is very popular.


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Bottle-Less Water Coolers - The Right Choice For the Eco-Friendly Office

By Daniel Teuton
In the office environment the trend toward replacing the traditional 5-gallon bottled water cooler with a bottle-less filtered water cooler is on the rise. Many commercial organizations are going bottle-less because this option is more cost-effective, better for the environment, contributes to greater employee safety and wellness, and is simply more convenient.

How Are Bottle Water Coolers Better Than Plumbed Dispensers

By Ashoka Taavi
Bottle water coolers are an effective way to have independent and instant access to fresh cool water anywhere you need it. Although more suitable on many occasions, plumbed water dispensers can have many disadvantages and in those cases the use of a water cooler is the more logical choice.

The 2 Best Entries in the Mini Water Cooler Market

By Miranda Johansen
Unfortunately, the available products in the mini water dispenser market are pretty lacking in quality and features for the most part. However, out of roughly 12 products that were tested, two of them stood out above the pack as superior in build quality, features, and general "bang for the buck." However, great features and construction also tend to come with a hefty price point, and these small water coolers are no exception.

Evaporative Cooler Maintenance Tips - Changing Your Cooler Pads

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Tips on how to extend the life of you evaporative cooler by changing pads. Differences in cooler media make a difference in evaporative cooler performance.

Replacing Your Water Dispenser Parts

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Having a water dispenser at home is a great asset to have at all times. However there are those moments when the dispenser needs some of its parts replaced or repaired. It is very important to use only good quality, brand name dispenser cooler parts so you can enjoy your water cooler for many more years to come.

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