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Ebac Watercoolers Is Europe's Leading Manufacturer

There are many manufacturers of watercoolers but there are some that stand above the rest. Ebac Watercoolers have been named Europe's leading watercooler manufacturer due to the technology that they have enlisted in their watercoolers. The watercooler in Europe is a booming one with over 98.5 percent of the businesses located in Europe currently using watercoolers within their businesses. This type of demand calls for better ways to conserve energy along with better sanitizing methods for the water that is being used.

The main and most important goal of Ebac Watercoolers is to make sure that they keep their customers happy. This manufacturer went through a lot of work and countless research in order to find out the reasons why many companies do not renew their contracts with the watercooler company that they used. This research showed that many people do not renew simple due to the service that was given was not what it should have been. Over 42 percent of the surveys taken stated this fact. Thirty-three percent of the surveys stated that they did not have very good relationships with the supplier that was giving them their water supply.

Only 17 percent of this research done by Ebac Watercoolers stated that they just no longer needed the cooler and eight percent did not give a reason at all and not giving a reason basically tells you that something was wrong. As you can tell from the research done, the main reason was basically customer service. There were no complaints about contamination or how safe the actual water is that people were drinking but it was all because of the way the suppliers handled their customers. This manufacturer is an advocate for timely service along with the supplies of quality water served, and especially the customer service that is given to their clients.

Ebac Watercoolers is not on top because they have many different types of watercoolers to offer or because they have special technology that allows a better sanitized watercooler even though these are factors in being on top, but they are a head of the game because their drivers who deliver the water supply will communicate with the customer. Their customer service department will periodically call the customer to make sure that they are happy with the service. They will respond quickly when a problem should ever arise and fix that problem to their best ability. They are on top because they care about their customers.  


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